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We have started our new campaign to attract new clients wanting to advertise their holiday home. Here is our card provided by Girl Friday Graphics

Wednesday 25 July 2012
We have been attending various networking groups recently. This includes 4Networking in Tunbridge Wells. Robert attended the Tunbridge Wells 4Networking meeting on Wednesday 18 April. It is always good to meet new people and we have made many useful contacts through these events. We have attended a number of Nouveau Networking meetings in Grosvenor Square, London also.

Friday 20 April 2012
Franziska attended a Women in Business meeting on 19 April in Sevenoaks and picked up some useful tips on presentation. Previous meetings have given very good tips on marketing which we we are now putting into practice.

Friday 20 April 2012
The Treheather website has now gone live. This is a demonstration of how multi-lingual websites can be used in the holiday industry. The site also contains an online booking system.

Thursday 12 April 2012
The Emerald Wave website has gone live in it's fully bilingual form today. We are now looking for clients who want their own websites to attract customers using other languages such as French or German.

Thursday 26 January 2012

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This is a website which I have found incredibly useful for developing website menus. The Emerald Wave website infact uses a menu from this selection. I have however improved upon it by adding an additional feature so the selected tab is highlighted.
You can evaluate the validity of a web pages construction by using the W3C validation service. This looks for errors in the html code that details how a web page will look and what it's content will be. A well formatted web page will load quicker and will not cause problems on your computer's browser or on your mobile device.
If you want to know about some of the Ajax Controls used in the Emerald Wave websites and what they can do to enhance a website then follow the link. They are one way to bring your website to life and make is stand out from the crowd.
You can learn more about how the rotating text at the top of this page which fades in out is created by reading this article about using JQuery. This is another website which gives details of how JQuery can be used to create other special effects.

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